Ethical Walls Software for Law Firms



Information Barriers, ethical screens, confidentiality management -- today law firms must be prepared to demonstrate that they are taking strong measures to protect client information and comply with their professional responsibilities and regulatory rules.

With so much information created, stored and accessible electronically, electronic security controls, in the form of ethical walls software, is a critical component of a prudent response strategy.

Recognizing the importance of law firm information risk management, the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) has conducted multiple surveys of its membership regarding their product preferences. ILTA is a peer networking association for law firm technology professionals, with membership comprising over 1,150 organizations.


2011 Summary of ethical walls software adoption:

Ethical Walls Software Products Used by Law Firms with 700 or More Lawyers

Wall Builder (IntApp - Ethical Walls Software) 74%
iMPrivate (DocAuto) 17%
SecurityGuard (Olson Consulting) 9%
WincWall (Wertheim Global Solutions) 0%
MasterEthics (RBRO Solutions) 0%
The Wall (Younts Consulting) 0%
CompliGuard Protect (The Frayman Group) 0%
TOTAL 100%


Ethical Walls Software Products Used by Law Firms with 350 - 699 Lawyers

Wall Builder (IntApp) 60%
iMPrivate (DocAuto) 18%
SecurityGuard (Olson Consulting) 4%
WincWall (Wertheim Global Solutions) 9%
MasterEthics (RBRO Solutions) 4%
The Wall (Younts Consulting) 4%
CompliGuard Protect (The Frayman Group) 4%
TOTAL 100%